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Introduction to the Breton Saints - front cover
Weight: 65g
Dimensions: 210x148
Paperback, 24 pages
Book details:
ISBN:9791090374096 (2019)
Illustrations: colour photos, walking maps


Introduction to the

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This short illustrated guide explains the origin and significance of the Breton saints, including their role in the development of Brittany and their enduring identity in Breton popular culture. The text covers famous and less well-known male and female saints of legends and history, their lives, miraculous feats and healing powers. Their relationship with the natural world and landscape features like sacred springs and christianised menhirs is also considered. The lingering legacy today in festivals, pardons, sites and private rituals completes this survey of a distinctly Breton phenomenon. There is also a symbol index for help in identification of statues and other iconography, a map and suggestions for places to visit.
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