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Postal Address:

Red Dog Books
9, Rue Sainte Barbe
29690 Berrien


From outside France: 00 33 2 98 93 90 85

otherwise: 02 98 93 90 85

Mobile: 07 80 56 00 74
Trade enquiries:

Red Dog books are distributed in the UK and Europe (not France) by
Central Books Ltd, 50 Freshwater Road, Chadwell Heath, London, RM8 1RX
Tel 44 (0)845 458 9911             
Fax 44(0)845 458 9912

In France, Red Dog books are distributed by  - En France, les livres Red Dog sont diffusés par
Coop Breizh, Kerangwenn, 29540 Spézet
Tel. 02 98 93 83 14               Fax. 02 98 93 87 97
Where to buy Red Dog books in Brittany?
Any bookshop (librairie) is able to order our books from our distributors, Coop Breizh.
Bookshops in large towns or in tourist areas may have selected titles in stock.
The supermarket chain E.Leclerc sell books through the éspace culturel at their larger outlets and are quite likely to stock a selection of our titles.

In central Brittany: try the AIKB in Gouarec,  
or the Abbaye de Bon Repos (bookshop in the abbey)

In Finistère
 the full range can be found at:

Coop Breizh
29540 SPÉZET   
(open normal business hours)

and at
The Bookshop  
22 Route de Berrien,
29690 HUELGOAT  
(open Wednesday to Saturday 10-12.30, 2.30-6 and Sunday 1.30-5)

and an almost complete range at:

Sur la route (café/bookshop)
1 Rue des Cieux,
29690 HUELGOAT  
(open Thursday to Monday 10-6)

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