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Brittany is a magical place where all things are possible and the elemental powers of the earth have never been forgotten...
THE TEARFUL TREE is a novel by Wendy Mewes, who is well-known for her books on the history and landscape of Brittany. It is again set in the imaginary Breton village of Ploubrannec, and follows the fortunes of the main character Yuna Kermadec, a Breton who lived in London for much of her adult life, and many other inhabitants who featured in the previous two books in this series, THE STOLEN SAINT and THE AMBLING ROCK
Yuna’s story continues in challeging times. As the pandemic strikes, residents of Ploubrannec react to enforced confinement in different ways. Yuna is soon caught up in simmering tensions that are to end in an act of violence. Suspicions and rumours are rife, but no-one really knows who is responsible. She has her own issues to confront in this new world, with unresolved decisions about the future with her partner Tristan. There is also bad news from London which may pose a threat to her life in Brittany. The legend of the Tearful Tree, which has long shared the joys and sorrows of locals, runs through this new installment of life in a Breton village.
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Weight: 324g
Dimensions: 198x128
Paperback, 290 pages
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ISBN:9780993581571 (2022)
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