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Brittany - Stone Stories, front cover
by Wendy Mewes
by Wendy Mewes
This book is an exploration of stones in Brittany, with the stories they have preserved in the lively Breton oral tradition. Sites include exceptional natural formations, famous and not so well known megaliths, sacred springs, ruined chateaux, memorial monuments and divinatory rocks. Tales of Druids and saints, giants and fairies construct a narrative of popular imagination at work in the landscape over great swathes of time, but the hard hand of history also leaves a forceful impression in this intriguing text. It is enhanced by illustrations from Alan Montgomery.
Wayfaring in Brittany - front cover

is a series of journeys on foot, here exploring the old routes of Brittany, discovering the movements and monuments of early occupants from the Neolithic period, through Celts and Romans, to the arrival of saints from Great Britain. These paths and trails, described with historical detail and imaginative interpretation, cover a great variety of territory. Islands, moors, river valleys, sacred hills and pilgrimage trails reflect the vibrancy of a landscape steeped in legends and history.

This handy, spiral bound guide, now in its fourth edition, contains detailed practical information for planning an excursion across Brittany, on foot or by bike along the Nantes-Brest Canal. A full introduction traces the history of the canal from its origins in Napoleonic times to its present-day role as an outstanding leisure resource.
Brittany Mysteries 3
(in series with 1. The Stolen Saint, 2. The Ambling Rock)

Brittany is a magical place where all things are possible and the elemental powers of the earth have never been forgotten...
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