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Brittany is a magical place where all things are possible and the elemental powers of the earth have never been forgotten...
THE AMBLING ROCK is a novel by Wendy Mewes, who is well-known for her books on the history and landscape of Brittany. It is again set in the imaginary Breton village of Ploubrannec, and follows the fortunes of the main character Yuna Kermadec, a Breton who lived in London for much of her adult life, and many other inhabitants who featured in THE STOLEN SAINT, the first book in this series.
Yuna continues to draw strength and insight from the secret spring she discovered in the valley below her house, and to help people suffering in their personal lives. A neighbour’s son in an unbearable situation and a little girl who may be in serious danger pose challenges for Yuna to pursue. But things are often not what they seem, a lesson she learns from the
story of the mysterious Ambling Rock.
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Weight: 316g
Dimensions: 198x130
Paperback, 281 pages
Book details:
ISBN:9780993581564 (2021)
Brittany Mysteries 2
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