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Discovering the

Wendy Mewes

£8.99    13.50 euros

Book Details:

Paperback 128 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 978 0-9536001-5-5

Illustrations: line drawings, maps and colour photos

Book description

A useful work of reference for anyone interested in the unique atmosphere and achievement of this celtic corner of France. It is an engaging and pleasurable read in itself, and is popular with visitors and holiday-makers seeking general information about Brittany.

The region is exceptionally rich in historic monuments, ancient relics and celtic culture, but an explanation of their significance or historical context is often lacking in English. This concise account of Breton history offers a clear picture of a complex subject through the presentation of people and places that have coloured events from pre-historic times to the present day.

Colour photographs and line drawings illustrate many aspects of Brittany’s historical heritage.


...enlightens the reader on the indispensible elements in understanding Brittany today.  


Wendy Mewes' illuminating book on Brittany is a must for those who have more than a passing interest in this unique part of France. Here, the difficult and often heroic history of its fiercely independent and religious people, as they suffer the attentions of a seemingly unending queue of predators, not least amongst whom are the rich and powerful in Paris, comes alive in a very clear and compelling way. All that one needs to know about the mysterious stone structures, Brittany's close Celtic connections with Cornwall, characters such as the brutal Conomor, the clever Salomon, the valiant Bertrand, the inspirational Anne of Brittany, not to mention the turbulent and chaotic times of the Revolution, is contained in little more than a hundred pages, with copious colour photos and black and white illustrations. This is the perfect companion not only for the visitor to Brittany but also for those who simply enjoy history presented with intelligence, erudition and clarity.

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